Featuring our same industry-leading industrial galvanized metal construction.

Witt’s Industrial Pails are perfect for shop part containers, nursery stock tubs, lawn and garden use, and a variety of other applications.

  • Manufactured from zinc-rich galvanized steel
  • Unique triple-interlocking “Gordon Seam” forms a six layer side security seam
  • The smooth top pail edge is reinforced with a continuous covered rim wire
  • Bail is securely attached to the top pail rim
  • All pail bottoms are recessed to limit pail to surface contact
  • The two quart and five quart models feature single seam construction
  • Water-tight sealing application available
  • Made in USA
  • Minimum order required, contact customer service for detail
ITEM #DescriptionCapacityDimensionsWeight


Galvanized steel pail

2 Qt. 6" dia x 5.75" high .5lb.


Galvanized steel pail

5 Qt. 8.75" dia x 7.25" high 1lb.


Galvanized steel pail

10 Qt. 10.25" dia x 9.25" high 2lb.


Galvanized steel pail

12 Qt. 10.75" dia x 10.25" high 2.25lb.


Galvanized steel pail

16 Qt. 14" dia x 8.25" high 2.5lb.

Colors: Galvanized


Cycle Left

W10120: Galvanized Steel Pail, 12 quart

W2QTG: Galvanized Steel Pail, 2 quart

W5QTG: Galvanized Steel Pail, 5 quart

W10100: Galvanized Steel Pail, 10 quart

W10161: Galvanized Steel Pail, 16 quart
Cycle Right