Witt’s best-selling, industry leading recycling system, the GeoCube Recycling Series, is perfect for separating waste and recyclables in public areas and encouraging environmentally responsible waste disposal. Smart, functional choice for any organization’s recycling program, including universities, office complexes, airports, malls, and convention centers.

  • Space efficient receptacles for recycling
  • Mix and match GeoCubes for unique combinations
  • Compact and fire-safe steel construction
  • New and improved bag holder to make servicing easy and quick

Each lid comes with one each of the following decals:

  • Round opening “Cans” and “Bottles”
  • Slot opening: “Paper” and “Recycle”
  • Square opening: “Waste” and “Recycle”                                                       
  • Combo opening “Recycle” (two each)
  • Optional “Plastic” and “Glass” available on request
  • Made in USA
ITEM #DescriptionCapacityDimensionsWeight


GeoCube recycling unit

24 Gal. 15" x 15" x 24" 24lb.


GeoCube recycling unit

28 Gal. 15" x 15" x 28" 27lb.


GeoCube recycling unit

32 Gal. 15" x 15" x 32" 31lb.


GeoCube recycling unit

36 Gal. 15" x 15" x 36" 34lb.

Colors: Charcoal, Slate, Blue, and Scarlet Red

Geocube Recycling

Cycle Left

24GC01- Geocube Recycling Unit in Blue with Round Opening, 24 gallon

24GC02-SC: Geocube Recycling Unit in Scarlet Red with Slot Opening, 24 gallon

32GC03-CB: Geocube Recycling Unit in Charcoal with Waste Opening, 32 gallon

36GC04-SL: Geocube Recycling Unit in Slate with Combo Opening, 36 gallon
Cycle Right